One month with the iPhone XS & XR | Comparison & Review


I’ve been using Apple’s iPhone XR and XS for over a month now and here’s my long-term review of these 2018 flagships, comparing them for camera results, speed, battery life, best and worst features and beyond.

Both the iPhone XR and iPhone XS are premium mobiles, although the XS costs a cool grand while the ‘cheaper’ XR starts from £749 in the UK. So are Apple’s handsets actually worth the asking price and which is best for you?

Well, the iPhone XS boasts a dual-lens camera, while the XR ditches that telephoto lens. You also get lesser specs on the iPhone XR, including smaller storage on the max model, less memory and an IPS panel instead of OLED. All the same, I prefer the more affordable phone, as those differences are often quite small, unlike the price gap.

And in verdict, I’d rather just save some cash and grab the OnePlus 6T, which costs half as much as the iPhone XS and £250 less than the XR, despite boasting a gorgeous OLED screen, specs to rival both of Apple’s smartphones, and stronger battery life. Although admittedly the camera isn’t quite as strong as the iPhone XR and XS shooter.

Let us know your own preference in the comments below!