Nokia 7.2 Review | I wanted to love it


Review of the Nokia 7.2 budget-friendly smartphone, one of the best looking sub-£250 mobiles to hit the UK before 2020. I’ve been testing out this Android One handset, with tri-lens Zeiss camera and HDR-ready screen, as my full-time phone for a week now. Here’s what I think of the performance, battery life, optics and other bits.

Now I’m about to shoot several best budget smartphone review round-ups and I was hoping that the Nokia 7.2 would feature in many of them, although the performance is a serious issue. It’s not dreadful, but this isn’t a speed machine. You’ll see Android 9 stumble and stagger a fair bit with everyday use, which can be quite frustrating at times. Especially as the rest of the mobile is generally good for the price.

Battery life is solid, offering over a day of use per charge quite happily. That tri-lens camera is respectable for the asking price also, although the ultra-wide angle snapper doesn’t produce particularly attractive photos. However, the old Android 9 OS need updating sooner rather than later.

Are you still tempted by this Nokia blower, or have you been using it as your personal handset? Let us know what you think below!